SPADA Submissions

One of the core responsilbilities SPADA holds is to advocate for a productive and sustainable screen production industry in New Zealand. This section includes statements of action and submissions carried out by SPADA on behalf of our members and the broader industry.

NZ On Air_Online Rights Discussion_Paper.pdf?(April 2014)
This submission SPADA supports the position that NZ On Air is achieving value for taxpayers through: a) New Zealand screen production businesses creating high quality original content that connects with New Zealand audiences; and b) increased opportunities afforded New Zealand audiences in a multi-platform screen environment. Secondly, in line with the Government’s aims and objectives for the screen production sector,? SPADA highlights how vital the retention and exploitation of IP is by New Zealand producers and screen production businesses for New Zealand and the New Zealand screen production sector.

New Zealand Screen Production Grant Consultation Paper.pdf ?(March 2014)
SPADA supports the Government’s aims and objectives for the New Zealand Screen Production Grant (NZSPG). The consolidation of, and enhancement to, the Large Budget Screen Production Grant (LBSPG) for international production and the Screen Production Incentive Fund (SPIF) provides an opportunity to structure a new incentive scheme that is more efficient to administer and generates long term economic benefits to the New Zealand and the New Zealand screen production industry.?

New Zealand Film Commission Industry Consultation Paper: Short-Films.pdf ?(March 2014)
SPADA’s response focuses on identifying and building on the over-arching goals and objectives of the NZFC short film investment, to ensure it continues to deliver the desired outcomes for both the industry and the NZFC with a minimum of unintended consequences

NZ On Air Online-Rights and Public Access.pdf (Feb2013)
SPADA's response on NZ On Air's Online Rights and Public Access discussion paper.

Entertainers Policy Review Follow-up Consultation.pdf ?(November 13)
In seeking feedback on the current immigration policy settings SPADA reached out to a cross-section of its members who have been involved in bringing in overseas entertainers, performing artists and personnel since the new policy was introduced.

Documentary Funding Policy Paper.pdf (August 2012)
SPADA agrees that the principle issue for NZ On Air is how to sustain a balance between the various documentary/factual sub-genres and between blue-chip and the populist.?? However, we do not agree that blue chip and popular are necessarily mutually exclusive. ?